Nissan has launched a new website, All New Leaf Drive, to invite everyone to test drive the fully redesigned 2018 Leaf.

On the website, Nissan leads in with an invitation to the “Drive and Discover Experience,” a concierge test drive program where consumers can register to have a Leaf delivered to their homes for a personal test drive. Deliveries are handled by Leaf specialists, not an actual dealership.

Users are asked to complete an online form with name, address, email, and address in order to register. The forms return a list of available dates depending on whether or not there is availability in an area. If there are none, the form prompts you to enter a different location.

“Even though schedules are exceedingly busy these days, we wanted to make it is easy for people to experience the all-new Nissan Leaf,” said Brian Maragno, director of Nissan EV marketing and sales strategy. “Delivering the all-new Leaf directly to a consumer’s desired location allows them to experience it precisely when and where their schedule allows.”

According to the website, the Drive and Discover experience will last for one hour, with 30 minutes for the actual test-drive. Up to three friends can be invited, as long as they are 13 years of age or older. No specific routes are taken, but freeways are preferred to see its driver assistance suite ProPILOT in action.

The 2018 Nissan Leaf is one of the more popular mainstream electric vehicles on the market. This version will feature ProPILOT driver assistance suite, improved range, and e-Pedal, a new technology that converts the Leaf into a one-pedal operation with one accelerator pedal (e-pedal) to accelerate, de-accelerate, and brake. Nissan claims it offers better command of winding roads. A conventional, separate brake pedal will remain for aggressive braking.

Other improvements to the 2018 Nissan Leaf include 38 more horsepower and 26 percent more torque than the previous version. An upgraded battery also holds 67 percent more energy compared to the 2010 Leaf.

The Drive and Discover experience runs from Oct. 2017 to Feb. 2018.