Nissan is introducing melodious tones to its electric vehicle concepts, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show.

The signature tune can be heard in its latest concept, the IMX, affectionately called “Canto.” The Spanish term for “I Sing,” the tune is a long futuristic orchestra style melody with fluctuating pitches that replaces actual engine noise. It activates upon vehicle reverse, de-acceleration, and acceleration, adjusting tone and pitch as it reaches speeds of 12 to 19-mph. The idea is to improve pedestrian safety by serving as an alert and to inject a bit of flavor with a Nissan identity.

“An important element of Nissan Intelligent Mobility is how the vehicle integrates with society, and a crucial component of that is sound,” said Daniele Schillaci, executive vice president of global marketing and sales, zero-emission vehicles, and the battery business. “‘Canto’ has been developed to help with pedestrian safety, as well as to provide a distinct Nissan sound – one that is energizing and confident, authentic to our brand and representing our unique position in the electrified marketplace.”

It is not the first time Nissan has injected purposeful sound into its vehicles. In June 2010, Nissan introduced the Leaf, which featured an “Approaching Vehicle Sound for Pedestrians” system, a specialized tone which alerted passerby upon approaching without distracting the driver, technology of which was one of the first of its kind at the time.