The next-generation 2018 Nissan Leaf won’t only offer as much as double the range of the present 107-mile version, it will also come with the basis for autonomous driving.

This latter bit was revealed by the Japanese automaker’s latest teaser – not an underexposed photo, but a video highlighting its Pro Pilot Assist semi-autonomous system.

Nissan has been showcasing what it can do with current-generaton Leafs on closed tracks and in open environments for a while, and has on itS radar – no pun intended – production self-driving tech this decade as part of its Nissan Intelligent Mobility plan.

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The 2018 Leaf’s initial system will perform the basics of braking, accelerating and steering in stop-and-go driving on a highway within a single lane.

In future years, Nissan says it will open up increasing degrees of self-driving capability to the point of tackling city traffic – a major challenge, and potential liability.

It’s believed the Leaf will be unveiled in September, though the automaker has not confirmed this.

It’s also believed the first year may get a smaller battery out of at least two battery options. So, it might have several dozen miles less range than the 238-mile Chevy Bolt EV, but by the following year, a rumored 60-kWh battery will presumably bring it on par with the Bolt which has a 60-kWh battery.

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Meanwhile, the Leaf will be redesigned, and the single-speeder ought to help Nissan’s sales get back into a higher gear.

Unknown is whether liquid cooling will be included with the new car’s battery. This was an issue in hot regions, and other EVs like the Bolt and pending Tesla Model 3 do include liquid cooling in their thermal management systems.