Nissan has officially sold off its electric-car battery business. The Japanese automaker announced Friday that Envision Group, a Chinese energy company, has purchased the entity.

The battery division includes a subsidiary of Automotive Energy Supply Corporation (AESC) and numerous manufacturing footprints in the United States, Europe, and Japan. With the deal, Envision will establish a new division for battery manufacturing, which Nissan will hold a 25 percent stake in. Envision currently specializes in renewables and energy-management systems.

Workers at all plants will remain unaffected and development centers will not relocate, either.

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Nissan’s battery-making capacity was one of the largest in the world, but the automaker has since turned to outside suppliers for batteries. The second-generation Nissan Leaf’s long-range model will feature LG Chem battery cells. The automaker said the sale will allow the company to focus on electric-car development.

Envision will capitalize on the purchase and “expand our activities via investment into the new company to realize the value of [Internet of Things] technology for smart transportation, [Vehicle-to-Grid], and smart city solutions,” the company said in a statement.

It’s not clear how much Envision paid for the battery business.