Nissan Leaf sales for February amounted to 930 units, a 22-percent decline from February 2015, and well below the car’s high water mark.

In February 2014 Nissan sold 1,425 Leafs, that whole year it sold 30,200 Leafs, but despite a new 30-kwh battery, the twice-revised Leaf still in its first generation is just doing OK.

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Nissan does offer lower rate lease deals in the low-mid 300s for three years, but supply reportedly mauy also still be an issue.

With the 200-plus-mile range 2017 Chevy Bolt due for just under $2,500 more than a 107-mile range Leaf SV, and the unveiling of the Tesla Model 3 due at the end of March, some would-be buyers are on the sidelines for now.

Whether Nissan can pull up sales this year remains to be seen.