A new Nissan teaser video has sparked speculation of a new concept to debut at this month’s Detroit Auto Show.

So far, one of three teasers has been released.

In the video, sharp angular red and black lines with knife sound effects cut through various silhouettes of a car’s contours, intermixing with a large bold copy with phrases such as “Where Adventure Awaits” and “Purity Attracts Attention. “ Even a flock of flying birds over a building skyline make an appearance. Capping the end of the video is Nissan’s Intelligent Mobility badge.

Given three frames of city imagery, one can speculate Nissan is debuting a mobility solution for urban centers. No clues were given as to the actual car, or device, other than a glimpse of a front wing and headlight obscured by red and black.

One reasonable guess is that it is a smaller self-driving vehicle, perhaps a smaller concept taking cues from the Leaf hatchback.