Recording a healthy 62-percent year-over-year increase, Nissan’s 3,019 Leafs sold in July constituted its second-best month to date.

It’s also the 17th-straight month of some form of a sales record – be it year-over year, best month, or all-time high.

Nissan noted also it was the Leaf’s best July ever. Its all-time best month was in May with 3,117 sales and its third-best was December with 2,529.

The automaker attributed continued improvement partially to new state incentives, and its own sales perk providing free public charging for two years called, “No Charge to Charge.”

“Since we launched the No Charge to Charge promotion in the first 10 markets, we’ve seen a surge in Leaf sales in those areas,” said Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of Leaf Sales and Infrastructure. “Leaf sales in the northeastern U.S. are also picking up with new tax incentives for Massachusetts and Maryland residents.”