Nismo has tossed its hat into the electric-car tuning ring with the Nissan Note e-Power S. It’s a baby step in EV tuning that will surely become a much larger industry.

The Note e-Power S gains a healthy dollop of power and torque, courtesy of Nismo. The ratings now sit at 134 horsepower and 236 pound-feet of torque, up from 109 hp and 187 lb-ft. Nismo has also tackled tuning the car’s inverter and control module.

Aside from the power, there’s a Nismo aero kit, upgraded suspension, and body reinforcements to complete the Note e-Power S upgrades. The interior also gains a handful of Nismo badging, just to remind drivers who’s responsible for the flashy red accents.

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The Note e-Power isn’t a typical electric car. Instead of plugging in to charge, the e-Power system works with an internal-combustion engine. The electric motor drives the front wheels, but rather than a massive battery pack, an engine supplies power. Owners fill the Note e-Power with gasoline, and the engine powers a tiny 1.5-kilowatt-hour battery. The engine is rather small, too, displacing 1.2 liters with three cylinders. Rengerative braking also aids in powering the battery.

While North America won’t see he Note e-Power, the e-Power system will make its way to the continent. Nissan and Infiniti will launch vehicles featuring the e-Power system in the near future.