Nissan’s global small car, the Micra, will be re-introduced to the Canadian market in 2014.

Christian Meunier, president of Nissan Canada, made the announcement at a media event held Jan. 9 in Montreal.

Tailored specifically for Canadians and not available in the United States, Nissan said the all-new Micra will feature an impressively low cost of ownership and will revolutionize what Canadian consumers expect from an entry-level car.

“After 21 years, the Nissan Micra is returning to Canada to change the automotive landscape,” said Christian Meunier. “Micra will provide Canadians with the unbeatable value, Japanese quality, European bold styling and fun driving experience that they deserve in a small car.”

More details on the Canadian version will be provided at the upcoming Montreal Auto Show on January 16.

The Micra is expected to compete against the Chevrolet Spark, the newly launched Mitsubishi Mirage and may also rub shoulders with the Mazda2 and Fiat 500, depending on how Nissan Canada positions the Micra price-wise.

Interior of the Japan-market Micra, known there as the March.

Interior of the Japan-market Micra, known there as the March.

Sales of the current generation of Micra, redesigned for 2014 and also known as March in Japan, started in Europe end of August 2013. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Micra is powered by a 1.2-liter three-cylinder direct injection engine in two versions: 80 horsepower base; and direct-injection supercharged, known as 1.2L DIG-S, good for 98 horsepower.

On the European drive cycle, the Micra fuel consumption is rated at 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers (38.55 mpg) city, 4.3 (54.70 mpg) highway and 5.0 (47.04 mpg) combined for the base engine and 4.1 liters per 100 kilometers (57.36 mpg) city, 5.1 (46.12 mpg) highway and 3.6 (65.33 mpg) combined for the more powerful direct-injection supercharged engine.

You read that well, the more powerful engine is also the most fuel-efficient.