Oh that Nissan Leaf. We’d say it’s like the little engine that could, except it has no engine.

As it is, the globally best-selling electric car keeps plugging away with its 21st straight month of record sales with its 2,589 units delivered in October.

This is not an all-time record, and below the over 3,000 mark it’s already done before, but most notable is it’s up 29.3 percent year over year and calendar year to date it set a new record with 24,411 units delivered.

With two months to go, Nissan’s EV can claim the most U.S. sales in a year by an electric car, and will make the total of course greater before year’s end.

In the U.S. as the only EV making serious traction in the market in its price range, it stands as a goad as it does in other markets as well.

Global sales are now in the low 140,000-range since its December 2010 launch, and as it moves toward its fourth-year anniversary, it’s in the running to hit 150,000 units, somewhere around twice that of the Chevy Volt.

The Leaf still lags the Volt’s U.S. sales since launch, but is on track to do that within months.

“Halloween may be over, but we still have a few tricks up our sleeves,” said Toby Perry, director, Nissan EV Marketing. “For starters, we have a new TV commercial that encourages consumers to kick gas by going electric with the Nissan Leaf. The ad airs in major markets starting today and features real consumers finding out how much they could save on fuel costs each year.”