Canada’s best-selling all-electric vehicle has crossed an important sales threshold, surpassing 1,000 units sold in a year for the first time since its July 2011 launch.

Nissan Canada announced that through November, a total of 1,021 units have been sold in Canada, more than doubling the 2013 total sales mark of 470 Leaf vehicles. This represents a sales increase of 117 percent over the course of the year. Since its launch, over 1,900 Nissan Leafs have been sold in Canada.

The year-over-year increase for the Leaf represents the largest increase of any vehicle in the Nissan product line-up. Second is the recently redesigned Rogue crossover which has seen a year-over-year increase of 78 percent so far.

For the month of November, 103 units were sold which is significantly higher than the 30 units sold in November, 2013.

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A noteworthy comparison can be made between the sales of the Nissan Leaf to that of Nissan’s high-performance vehicles. Canadian 370Z sports coupe sales YTD have been just 390 units, while the high-end GT-R has sold only 120 units so far this year. While it’s safe to say that prospective buyers for each are different, all three vehicles could be considered as specialty cars, with the greatest momentum at the moment coming from the (least pricey) Leaf.


Now crossing into its fifth year of production, the 2015 Leaf continues to surprise first-time buyers with its ease of ownership – offering the space and range to meet most drivers’ everyday needs, while also providing an exceptional value proposition due to zero spending on gas, lower maintenance costs and (where applicable) provincial incentives.
Individuals in Ontario who purchase or lease a Leaf are eligible to receive an incentive of $8,500. In Quebec, a similar program exists with the Leaf qualifying for a rebate of $8,000.

“The sales results today are a clear indication that Canadian motorists are starting to recognize that opting for a Nissan Leaf is an excellent opportunity for cost-saving, all while enjoying a truly zero-emission drive,” said Christian Meunier, President, Nissan Canada Inc. “The availability of charging infrastructure in Canada is accelerating, especially in the provinces of Quebec and Ontario where these governments are strongly supporting the market acceptance of EVs.”

The Leaf continues to be the best-selling EV, essentially a benchmark among mainstream-priced electric cars. With global sales of more than 150,000 units, the Leaf has become the best-selling electric vehicle ever. It is estimated that collectively, owners in 35 countries have saved more than $28-million in gasoline costs, as the zero-emissions LEAF requires none.