Nissan reported a respectable 1,393 Leafs sold for the month of August.

This tally is an uptick over July’s 1,174, down from June’s 2,074, and the automaker did not provide in a press release year-over-year statistics as it has in times past, or anything more than a brief statement of bare fact.

Unsaid therefore is a year ago in August 2014, the Leaf had one of its best months on record, selling 3,186, so it is at a little better than one-third the volume this August.

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Also not reported by Nissan was one of its dealers in Indiana let the cat out of the bag a 110-mile range option was to be made available for 2016 models.

The Leaf was launched December 2010, tweaked to present powertarin specs in 2013, and has become the world’s best-selling EV, but its life cycle does appear to be winding down.

The 2016 due is actually supposed to be the last year for the present generation-one car, if reports are correct, and the improved battery capacity option is to hold it over one more year as a fully revised Leaf is released for 2017.