Owners of the Nissan Leaf in Arizona have been chronicling complaints with Nissan whose representatives were initially said to be explaining away substantial range degradation, but now it appears Nissan is responding further to the heat.

And perhaps that is appropriate as the heat of Arizona was what presumably created issues that have prompted a thread now 169 pages long on the MyNissanLEAF.com forum.

As you can see in the video report, some owners have reported unacceptably significant degrees of range loss compared to their original range and are collecting stories and banding together to commiserate, and try to get a satisfactory response.

“When I first purchased the vehicle, I could drive to and from work on a single charge, approximately 90 miles round trip,” a Leaf owner, still an ardent fan of the car, told the Phoenix CBS affiliate. “Now I can drive approximately 44 miles on this without having to stop and charge.”

Some report feeling let down by a company that they supported as early adopters – and many yet support Nissan’s all-electric efforts, but do not want their problems swept aside or portrayed as acceptable, and within strict warranty limitations.

Like GM did with its Volt fear of battery fire issues – which were arguably more a problem of perception, rather than actual problems experienced – Nissan is reportedly supplying loaner cars.

At this point, it is on a case by case basis for around a dozen Leaf owners so far, whereas GM nearly opened the door to Volt owners with “concerns” and was exceedingly liberal in its policy to allay concerns at all costs.

Nissan appears to be increasing its efforts, but initial reports were said by some Leaf owners to be disappointing, and in cases reportedly still are.

If you have a Leaf experiencing range loss – in Arizona or elsewhere – we’d be interested in hearing your story.