Ever wonder how are Leafs used by their owners?

An estimated 93 percent use it as their main family car, 64 percent say it’s better to drive than a gasoline or diesel vehicle and one man even sold his Aston Martin to buy a pair of them in order to avoid domestic fights.

These are some of the insights Nissan Europe got from fro ma survey representing the 6,500 plus Nissan Leaf owners now in the UK.

Nissan said the brand new research points out the significant financial savings made by owners, but it also highlights how living with the Nissan Leaf in the real world has turned it from a second car into the main family car for many owners.

Considering the electric powertrain of the Leaf, it is not surprising to learn from Nissan that 89 percent of those surveyed reported significant savings against more traditionally-fuelled cars. Nissan added one driver calculated that he had spent just £400 traveling over 22,000 miles in his Nissan Leaf, with many reporting savings of £200-250 per month.

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With the savings made, Leaf owners have been treating themselves to little luxuries including a 3D printer, a vintage synthesizer, holidays and many installing solar panels on their homes for virtually free motoring, added Nissan.

“Electric car ownership was a big step for motorists to take when we launched the Leaf in 2011 but we are now seeing that owners who were bold enough to take that step are reaping the benefits, said Nissan Motor GB Limited Managing Director, James Wright. “The issues that the naysayers said would hinder ownership have not materialized and, in fact, the feeling from Leaf owners is that they would never go back to a traditional combustion engine. We were the first to bring a mass-produced electric car to market, so it stands to reason that we are also the first to prove the genuine viability of electric motoring.”

Still per Nissan, the research showed more than one in two owners admitted they would not go back to a conventionally-powered car, with 41percent saying the car has positively changed the way they drive and a unanimous 95 percent stating they were happy to recommend it to a friend.

Nine in 10 now use it as their main family car, added Nissan, citing everything from practicality to simple enjoyment of driving. One owner ended up ditching his Aston Martin to buy a second Leaf to avoid arguments with his wife about who would take the Nissan to work every day.

Still according to Nissan, more than a third said that they do not have to plan journeys in advance any more than they did before owning an electric car, especially as 89 percent of them charge up their Leaf overnight at home.