Nissan will be selling a fuel efficient new hybrid SUV in Japan next month, releasing the X-Trail Hybrid at dealers throughout the country.

It’s a variation of the company’s already-established X-Trail, a compact crossover that was first launched in Japan 15 years ago. Last year the company revamped the model with a sleek new look and added tech (pictured below). The carmaker sells an X-Trail with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine in U.S., but badges it as the Rogue.

To power the hybrid, Nissan is taking the 2.0-liter MR20DD engine currently mounted in the gasoline-only X-Trail, and modifying it with Intelligent Dual Clutch Control and a lithium-ion battery pack. The SUV’s one-motor setup is capable of both powering the wheels and recapturing regenerative energy, said Nissan.

Nissan XTrail Hybrid

Overall, Nissan said the powertrain, with a combined output of 185 horsepower, “delivers a comfortable driving experience with its powerful acceleration and remarkable quietness, which eclipse those of typical 2.5-liter gasoline engines.”

But it’s the SUV’s fuel economy that really stands out. The X-Trail Hybrid’s Japanese-rated 20.6 kilometers per liter translates to about 48 miles per gallon. If the X-Trail Hybrid does make its way to the U.S., consumers should expect the EPA’s more stringent fuel economy ratings to set this number a little bit lower.

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Nissan said this will be the first of its fleet in Japan to feature Forward Emergency Braking on the standard spec list. By this winter, this will become standard equipment on the rest of Nissan’s Japanese fleet.

There’s no word from Nissan on when (or even if) this model will come to the U.S. The gasoline-only X-Trail is sold in European and Japanese markets, but for now Nissan said only the latter will be receiving the X-Trail Hybrid.