Nissan is getting four EVs, with two more going to Infiniti over the next five years.

That’s according to Toshihiro Hirai, Nissan’s VP for powertrain and EV engineering. He detailed the plans to Automotive News.

The six electric vehicles are part of the 12 planned vehicles shared between Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi by 2022. That multiyear plan was announced by Carlos Ghosn, the CEO of the alliance between the three automakers.

Hirai didn’t say if the new electrics would be cars or crossovers, just how many and how they would be distributed. He also said that the six would be full EVs, not hybrids like Nissan’s new E-Power system.

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The E-Power is Nissan’s range-extended hybrid, like the Chevrolet Volt or BMW i3. That system was introduced on the Nissan Note in Japan last year.

Hirai did not clarify exactly which EVs would arrive when, but Infiniti has already said that that brand’s first EV would arrive in 2021. That info surfaced last month when Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa talked about the company’s electrification plans.

Saikawa said at the Automotive News World Congress that Infiniti was planning to add more electrified and electric vehicles to the lineup. The goal is for electrified vehicles to make up more than half of the company’s sales by 2025. Infiniti would accomplish that by electrifying its entire lineup, starting in the year 2021.

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