An electric Nissan crossover is coming, and it is expected to stay true to the IMx concept’s styling.

Nissan Design Europe chief Mamoru Aoki spoke with Autocar about the upcoming electric crossover. Aoki believes that the new model will be a big deal in electrics.

“Of course, we have the new Leaf, but I think the [production version of the] IMx concept will become a breakthrough model,” he said.

The IMx concept launched at the Tokyo auto show last year. Nissan gave the concept a 380-mile range on a charge along with a dual-motor powertrain that offered all-wheel drive, 429 horsepower, and 516 pounds-feet of torque. More importantly, though, the IMx was a stunner.

It had sharp lines, massive scallops, and big body cits that looked like they could only ever live on a concept.

But Aoki said that the exterior of the concept is where Nissan’s design language is headed. He said that it’s intended to be closer to the company’s Japanese roots. He called the cal “very Japanese in its details,” with a light feel and sheer surfaces. That’s in contrast to the heavy and masculine appearance common in mainstream crossovers.

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Aoki talked about the interior as well.

“The interior is notably bigger than with a conventional vehicle and there’s much more usable space, thanks to the totally flat floor allowed by the [underfloor] battery pack. The dashboard is also pushed right back because the HVAC unit is under the bonnet,” he said.

That’s the kind of interior change that we’ve been expecting from EVs, but hasn’t really borne fruit in the marketplace. Most production EVs have still been very close to conventional cars when it comes to packaging.

The interior cabin reflects Japanese design, Aoki said, because designers there are more accustomed to tiny homes and multi-purpose rooms. He also pointed out the trim of the IMx, which is a laminate of wood and plastic that can be backlit. Bringing attention to that hints that it could see production.

Aoki has been in charge of Nissan’s Paddington studio for only a few months but has been with Nissan since 1989. He has overseen the design of the 350Z, as well as several other Nissan and Infiniti models.