Following this week’s news of Nissan teaming up with Daimler and Ford to launch independently branded affordable mass-market fuel cell electric cars in just four short years from now, Nissan’s COO Toshiyuki Shiga shed some light on the pending electrified vehicle paradigm.

From the sidelines of Nissan showing its new day care center at its Yokohama headquarters to reporters, Nissan’s made a comment that should resonate well with American customers:

“Fuel-cell technology is suited for use in large vehicles and long-distance driving,” Shiga said, in answer to a reporter who asked whether Nissan’s new collaboration would eat into Leaf sales. EVs are small vehicles and given present limitations, are positioned best for for short range driving.

Toshiyuki Shiga

On the other hand, Hydrogen-powered vehicles – which are essentially EVs with a hydrogen-charged battery – can already last longer on a single tank than most gasoline-powered cars. They also can be filled-up just as fast as a gasoline-powered car. Limited range and charge times of many hours will keep BEVs in the small niche they are unless someone comes up with a new battery technology.

I went to Yokohama to take pictures of Shiga with cute Japanese babies on both arms. There were none, the kindergarten won’t open for business until April. It shall be ignored until Nissan offers me a photo op for cute baby pictures.