Don’t you think an electric mini pickup would be cool?

If so, you’re not alone, as the engineers at Nissan’s Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona mixed and matched company components to make this one of a kind Leaf-based shop truck.

It’s so lovingly put together, it likely won’t be used for very tough hauling duties, but Nissan said, the cut-up Leaf with Frontier bed and Titan rear cab has helped build synergy.

Nissan engineers marry a LEAF to a Frontier for use around the s

“I needed a project for a team building activity so we can bring the team together. We had a need for a truck. Something to drive around, a shop truck,” said Roland Schellenberg, Nissan Durability & Reliability.

They’re calling the truck “Sparky” and the video explains how it came together after months of thinking about the best one-off vehicle to build.

Arnold Moulinet, Schellenberg’s colleague in the Durability & Reliability group, was credited with making the little truck a reality.

Nissan engineers marry a LEAF to a Frontier for use around the s

“After he (Schellenberg) told us it was going to be the Leaf that we would redo, I went home and stayed up till like four in the morning making all kinds of designs for what would work,” said Moulinet. “We basically got the stock Leaf, and after reviewing a bunch of designs of pickup trucks that we have here at Nissan, we decided to go with a Frontier bed. My main job here is working on rough-road vehicles, rough-road testing. I’m pretty good at taking cars completely apart to the bare frame and putting them back together again to resume testing.”

Nissan has not said anything about producing something like this, but said it wanted to show what its people are up to behind the scenes as it prepares for National Drive Electric Week festivities.