If Nissan’s Leaf is not visually arresting enough a statement for EV performance, how would the DeltaWing racer do?

Nissan’s experimental hybrid entry in next year’s Le Mans 24-hour race will feature the ability to run partially in all-electric mode, and it’s hoped the effect will be positive for EVs at large.

Ability to run in all-electric mode is an next evolutionary step for the lightweight, less powerful car that holds its own due to power-to-weight superiority.

“The final configuration of the drivetrain is still up for discussion, but we have made significant progress”, said Nissan boss Andy Palmer in a brief write-up by Autocar. “What is absolutely clear is that that we have to be in a position to showcase electric technology and we have to have a car that is as visually arresting as the DeltaWing.”

And, already thinking even further into the future, Autocar reports this year a prototype utilizing hydrogen fuel cell technology will compete wearing the GreenGT team logo.

Nissan is heavily investing on a global basis in electrification and has shown more commitment than just about any other established automaker we can think of.