Nissan’s new design language has taken center stage with the introduction of its new Xmotion SUV concept at the Detroit Motor Show.

Pronounced “Crossmotion,” the six-passenger, utility-focused three-row SUV incorporates Nissan’s revised design idea for fluidity and fusion of Japanese cultural elements.

It starts with its trademark V-motion grill, jagged-angled metal wheels, pillarless doors, U shaped headlights, a retractable rooftop box, and exceptionally long wheelbase with corner-hugging wheels and tires.

“In the Xmotion concept, we explored the more rugged and powerful side of Nissan Intelligent Mobility. Bold and powerful forms and proportions are, upon closer inspection, contrasted with aspects of traditional Japanese craftsmanship expressed in a contemporary way,” said Alfonso Albaisa, senior vice president of global design at Nissan. “The exterior’s combination of western and eastern concepts continues inside the Xmotion, where advanced connectivity and autonomous technologies mix with modern Japanese digital art and cultural craftsmanship. At a glance, Xmotion may appear to have a minimal design language, but a closer look reveals layers of detail that make this concept exceptional.”

On the inside, its red and white-clad interior is capped by several digital touch screens, three of which are primary displays connected by a single panoramic screen extending through the entire width of the dashboard, controlled by hand gestures and eye movement.

Personifying its virtual assistant technology is a single Japanese koi fish, which springs to life across the XMotion’s screens upon fingerprint authentication used to start the vehicle. The digital koi sashays in between display screens, acting as an arbiter for all displayed information, such as drive modes, points-of-interest information, navigation, and music selection.

The entire interior is meant to promote Nissan’s emphasis on nature, with lots of symbolistic touches throughout, such as its Japanese cedar tree-insured center console wood trim and water symbolism with its floor-meets-center-console delivery, connected by a “bridge.”

Regarding driving, it will be semi-autonomous, using Nissan’s ProPilot driver assist system.

No word if the Xmotion will ever make it into production.