The globally best-selling Leaf has received glowing testimonials, but to give an extra edge, it now glows in the dark.

Rather, one sprayed in Europe with paint containing Strontium Aluminate does – for up to 8-10 hours at night to electrify your friends, neighbors, and anyone else.

This rare earth product is solid, odorless and inert chemically and biologically, and was custom applied for the promotional car by Hamish Scott, the creator of STARPATH, a glow-in-the-dark pavement.

Nissan says the glowing capability which comes after absorbing UV during sunlight hours would stay active 25 years if it were made available.

No word has actually been given the vehicle would be offered for sale with the fancy paint. Last year Nissan also created a mud and road-grime shedding Leaf paint as well.

It’s little things like this that helps keep the car in the public’s eye. Since posting the upper video yesterday, it already has 32,000 views, 130 likes, and just 8 dislikes.

Maybe GM should take lessons for its outgoing 2015 Volt? And the 2016 Volt to come this summer?