As Nissan seeks to get the word out that EVs can make sense now, it is expanding its quick charger network in a shared initiative with Car Charging Group, Inc.

The initial goal will be to deploy 48 super-quick, high-voltage DC chargers in California and strategic places on the East Coast. The exact placement in key markets has yet to be determined but Nissan projects the goal will have been met by the end of 2013.

“Nissan’s commitment to expanding EV charging infrastructure–including quick chargers with businesses such as CarCharging–not only supports today’s Nissan Leaf and other EV drivers, but also helps prepare communities for the increasing use of EVs,” said Brendan Jones, Nissan director for EV Infrastructure. “With more than 25,000 Nissan Leaf already on U.S. roads, bolstering infrastructure further accelerates the adoption curve as it provides range confidence and promotes additional zero-emissions driving.”

During a media presentation given at Nissan’s new Smyrna EV battery plant, one journalist had wryly asked Nissan “How long does Nissan plan to be in the charging business?”

The short answer was for as long as it takes, and indeed, if the so-called chicken-and-egg dilemma is to be fixed, and a new paradigm hatched, as Tesla is also showing with its Supercharger network, manufacturers are essentially doing the equivalent of establishing new fuel stations along with the new kinds of cars they are trying to see accepted.


This present initiative is therefore only one aspect of broader goals by Nissan to significantly expand the network in the not-too-distant future.

Part and parcel with the initiative to create a broader net of quick chargers will be a well-rounded consumer educational and awareness program.

“This campaign will include tools to communicate the charging opportunities for drivers without private garages, such as residents of apartment and condo communities; the ease and benefits of public EV charging; and charging subscription offerings,” said Nissan.

Additionally, CarCharging will offer a free app for Leaf owners that gives real time location info for all CarCharging EV charging stations, including ChargePoint(R) and Nissan’s quick chargers. The proprietary software will offer turn by turn directions, and available at participating Nissan dealerships.

“CarCharging is thrilled to enhance our products and services by including Nissan’s quick chargers in our public EV charging network and to offer our evCharge card to consumers who purchase a LEAF at a Nissan dealership,” said Michael D. Farkas, CEO of CarCharging. “Through our partnership with Nissan, we are eager to expand the EV market by educating consumers who don’t live in single-family homes and may not be aware of public EV charging services available today.”

Whether you drive a Nissan EV or another, and wish to pinpoint the new quick charger stations or CarCharging’s EV charging station locations, you can request CarCharging’s evCharge card at