“While all midsize sedans suffer a certain inherent stuffiness, the Altima’s shape is more interesting than most, with leaner, crisper lines than the Camry dares wear. Moreover, the ’07 Altima appears—applause, please—more compact than the outgoing model, though its actual dimensions have changed little…The Altima Hybrid offers a package essentially similar to the Camry Hybrid’s, with a little less space, a lot more style and fuel economy that makes Honda’s cooking, sales challenged Accord Hybrid seem like a bad global citizen.”
The Truth About Cars

“The Altima’s chassis is compliant on smooth, winding roads, but with an extra 306 pounds of hybrid equipment to carry, the suspension stumbles over rough pavement and sometimes floats on the freeway. After some initial harshness at low speeds, the engine and the electric motors work in harmony with the slick, silent, planetary-type CVT, culminating in a surge of impressive passing power. The Altima continues to make ground on the Camry and the Accord, but with borrowed components and a limited distribution area, the Altima Hybrid isn’t exactly a tour de force.”
Automobile Magazine