Nikola One Series Hybrid Truck Takes Aim At Diesel’s Dominance

“There is currently a $.50 per gallon federal credit to the station owner (Nikola), so Nikola is able to build that into the price of the truck when purchased and can then realize those savings and give customers the pre-purchased fuel for the first 1,000,000 miles.”

Does this mean Nikola pads the price of the truck, then says fuel is “free” (but really is not?) Milton’s answer: “The fuel is included in the price of the truck. We pre-build $50,000 into the lease and then offset it with $50,000 of fuel credits. It is free in the sense that we use the federal credit to cover the $.50 per gallon cost that is built into the truck. That is why we used an * in the *Free statement. It is very well defined that this is what we are doing and chose to let everyone see how we did it.”