Nikola is preparing to step up competition for heavy-duty truck electrification through a collaboration with German auto supplier Bosch.

The two companies announced today a new commercial vehicle powertrain developed through their partnership. It will be part of the Nikola One and Two class 8 hydrogen-electric trucks coming to market.

Nikola trucks will be able to gain even longer range than previously anticipated.

The new powertrain will assist the Nikola One and Two deliver more than 1,000 horsepower and 2,000 foot-pounds of torque. Bosch said it’s nearly double any of the diesel-powered semi trucks out on the roads.

Along with the on-road power, it will bring what Nikola calls “zero local emissions” to fleet operators looking to lower their emissions.

For now, the only zero emission heavy-duty truck competitor will be Tesla. The electric carmaker will be unveiling its electric semi-truck on Oct. 26.

The Nikola trucks will be built with Bosch’s new eAxle technology. It integrates three powertrain components – motor, power electronics, and transmission – into one unit that saves weight, space, and cost.

The eAxle is built on a scalable, modular platform. It will go into what the two companies say will “commercialize the world’s first true dual-motor commercial-vehicle eAxle for a long-haul truck.”

Nikola expects to gain unprecedented efficiency and range by using eAxle, which the two companies will integrate with a custom-designed fuel cell system.

The hydrogen-powered truckmaker had originally predicted the Nikola One and Two would be able to go 1,200 miles on a fueling. Integrating eAxle is expected to extend that range.

The two companies will also jointly develop vehicle controls based on Bosch’s software and hardware.

“We have been aggressively pursuing our goal of bringing the most advanced semi-truck ever built to market. The powertrain requires an innovative and flexible partner able to adapt quickly to the speed of our team. Bosch has empowered us to come to market quickly with automotive-grade hardware and software so our vision can become a reality,” said Nikola Founder and CEO Trevor Milton.

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The two partner companies see their powertrain creating a segment-leading innovation at a competitive total cost of ownership compared to traditional truck powertrains.

Nikola sees Bosch’s eAxle as a doorway to speeding up its aggressive move to bring its electrified truck to market.

Bosch sees it as an opportunity to promote its eAxle technology as a viable electrified vehicle improvement, freeing automakers from having to wait around for long range battery packs to be ready.