While the Nissan GT-R just underwent a refresh for 2017, the next version could be the recipient of a full redesign – one that might include a hybrid powertrain.

According to Nissan’s chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura who spoke recently with Automotive News, in addition to new styling and improved fuel economy from the twin-turbo engine, a hybrid powertrain can’t be ruled out.

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It’s unclear when the next generation GT-R will launch.

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Much of Nakamura’s conversation with Automotive News revolved around styling, and his goal to change its proportions to improve both performance and aerodynamics. Nakamura said he thought the nine-year-old design has aged well to this point.

“To my eye, it still doesn’t look old because it’s not influenced by anything,” he says. “If it tries to capture some trend, it would look dated.”
He also said that the first step in the design is to determine the layout, which includes the packaging of the powertrain. That means determining what engine or engines will be underhood is important.

Nakamura did not say definitively if the GT-R was getting a hybrid powertrain, either as an option or standard, but he did tell Automotive News that improved fuel efficiency is a must. He also said electrification is a big part of the future of the industry for just about every vehicle model.

“Electrification is almost inevitable for any car,” he said. “If the next-generation GT-R has some electrification, nobody would be surprised at that time.”

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