The next Jaguar F-Type will likely be a hybrid.

Although Jaguar‘s latest products are mostly crossovers and SUVs, the British automaker has revealed a next-generation F-Type will be developed, Automotive News reports. “We are going to do another range of sports cars eventually,” said Jaguar design chief Ian Callum. “There are a number of people in the world who think sports cars are finished because SUVs can get around a corner as quick as a sports car can, technology being what it is. But there is something very emotional about a sports car that conveys the ultimate in the sense of performance and design.”

Whenever the next-generation Jaguar F-Type arrives, expect it to be electrified since every new car launched after 2020 from the British automaker will have some form of electrification. That’s either full-electric, plug-in hybrid, or mild hybrid and it’s likely the F-Type will fall into the last category.

There’s currently no timing on when the next F-Type will arrive, but it’s sounding like it will be some time after 2020. The current F-Type was introduced in 2013 and since then, approximately 45,000 units have been sold globally.

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