Electric racing series Formula E could get an electric touring car series added to help spread the load.

FIA President Jean Todt told Motorsport at the Montreal Formula E race that the FIA has been looking at a second electric racing series to compliment the open wheel cars.

“Clearly we want to develop electric racing,” said Todt. “We are discussing and studying the introduction of the electric car in other categories of motorsport and I feel it would be a good idea to introduce a second race during the [Formula E] race weekend.”

“I think there is a space to maybe introduce a different discipline as a support race,” he added. “It is something we are thinking of.”

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Todt didn’t elaborate on the plan, or make clear if the series would be one make or multi-make racing.

Charging time for the electric racers means that having races that are long enough or fast enough can be difficult. Having a second series could help give teams more time to charge their cars, and could allow for a better schedule.

This season, Formula E has showcased development cars and the Roborace prototype in the three hours between qualifying and the race this season.

Why touring cars? A series with cars based on road cars, or at least ones that look like road cars, is a long proven plan to promote new car sales with track wins.

Audi, Renault, Jaguar, and Mercedes are all either participating in Formula E this year or joining soon, and those brands have experience in touring car racing. The prior experience and desire to promote their own road cars is a good argument in favour of touring cars for the next electric racing series.