Green Automotive Company (GAC) announced last Thursday its core activity, Newport Coachworks, is expanding its production facility in Riverside, California.

This growth, says the company, is being done in order to meet the increasing demand from customers for its shuttle buses.

GAC said today all Newport Coachworks production activity is carried out in its 20,000-square-foot plant in Riverside. The company has just signed a contract to rent an additional 12,000-square-foot building two miles away from its existing facility.

Construction work has started, added GAC, to adapt it to the company’s requirements. The new facility will be ready in early October and the entire final assembly process will be located there. The building will also provide new commercial offices including design and development, a small show room and a customer reception area.

GAC explained all fibreglass and frame construction as well as paint operations will continue to be done in the original factory. This expansion allows Newport Coachworks to move from a production capacity of 2 buses to 4 or 5 buses per week and should eventually employ an additional 20 workers.

“The expansion, which represents a 50 percent increase in production space, will help to meet the continuous growth in demand for our products. August has been a particularly strong month for us – underlining the need to expand,” said Carter Read, President of Newport Coachworks. “We expect this trend should continue as we sign additional dealership agreements around the country.”

Newport Coachworks is described by GAC as committed to producing eco-friendly vehicles that help to reduce CO2 emissions to build a sustainable future.