The Big Apple aims to become even more electric vehicle friendly in a big way.

Yesterday New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced during his State of the City address a plan to make 20 percent of new New York City parking spaces electric vehicle (EV) ready.

The plans calls for 10,000 EV ready spaces to be created over the next seven years.

ChargePoint, which relayed the news and unsurprisingly congratulated Mayor Bloomberg “for his vision” noted New York is already embracing electric vehicles having seen a 76 percent increase in registered EVs over just the past three months. New York EVs now total 2,598 as of the first month of this year.

“New York City is one of the leading markets for electric vehicles in the United States,” said Pat Romano, president and CEO of ChargePoint, Inc. “Mayor Bloomberg’s leadership will prepare New York City for the broad adoption of EVs. Under the Mayor’s leadership, New York City is embarking on a comprehensive and bold effort to drive EV adoption in the city. The Mayor’s initiative to prepare “make ready” sites in parking garages for electric vehicles will lower the cost of critical EV charging infrastructure needed in New York City.”

ChargePoint has already worked with private garage owners and commercial hosts to pilot Level 2 charging throughout the state of New York, and has nearly 200 charginfg stations installed. It operates largest EV charging network in the world with more than 11,000 EV charging spots installed.

“New York is taking a bold and proactive step to minimize the overall cost of establishing adequate charging supply and drive adoption of electric vehicles” said Paul Wessel, executive director, Green Parking Council, a non-profit organization providing leadership and oversight for the green conversion of parking facilities to sustainable, environmentally responsible assets. “Providing parking facilities with Level II EV charging is a critical way to foster the rapid development of electric vehicles. Every month, the number of EV drivers continues to increase. Offering EV charging services in garages is currently a competitive advantage, but soon it will be as essential as high-quality lighting. In 2012 alone, more than 50,000 new electric vehicles were sold in the United States.”