Volvo is launching Sensus Connect, an updated on-board infotainment and navigation system.

Volvo Cars Group said its vehicles will now truly offers customers a fully connected experience. Cloud-based, the new services allow drivers to find and pay for parking from their car, discover new restaurants at their destination, stream their favorite music seamlessly and much more.

Volvo added Sensus Connect also offers the first ever solution utilizing built-in connectivity supported by Pandora Internet Radio.

“Technology should make your life easier. That’s why we listened carefully to our customers when creating Sensus Connect. It’s not about offering a thousand apps; it’s about giving you precisely what you need, before you even knew you needed it,” said David Holecek, Connectivity Brand Manager at Volvo Cars.

Explaining the possibilities, Volvo said tens of thousands of radio stations can now be enjoyed in a car that is pre-heated or pre-cooled every time the customer wants to go for a drive, made possible by the remote start function on their mobile phone. A navigation system where the driver can not only set destinations through their mobile device and get information about their surroundings through Wikipedia, but which also lets them find and pay for parking at their destination.

Park&Pay is the world-first integrated solution for finding and paying for parking from within your car, declared Volvo. The application is based on car2infrastructure communication and points the way of new possibilities when the car starts to “communicate” with its surroundings.

“It’s all about giving everyone an enjoyable, easy to use and intuitive experience. There is no point in filling a car with technology if it comes off as overwhelming, so our main focus is always to give our customers the best experience available and make it easy to digest. Our cloud-based apps update seamlessly. Sensus offers the optimal combination of input/output methods and allows the driver to turn the entire car into a Wi-Fi hotspot for all of their connected devices,” said David Holecek.

Volvo created Sensus Connect with partners such as Ericsson, Pandora, HERE, Yelp, Glympse and parking service providers. Volvo said this allowed the company to focus on what they do best, providing a safe, comfortable and highly enjoyable ride.

“We are particularly proud to announce at CES the inclusion of Pandora Internet Radio in our launch of Sensus Connect. Sensus Connect offers the first ever embedded solution supported by Pandora, the internet radio service with more than 76 million active monthly listeners,” said David Holecek.

Sensus Connect will allow Volvo drivers to stream Pandora via a data connection provided by the built-in modem or their smartphone.

Control of Pandora features like station creation and thumbs feedback are now available via the head unit, making access to personalized radio in the car as easy as FM radio.

“The driver can now seamlessly switch between their favorite music on high-end speakers and having their text messages read out loud without taking their hands off the wheel. And as from now, your car will not only tell you when it’s time to visit the garage but also will suggest an appointment for you at your Volvo dealership. Our brand new app Connected Service Booking is only the first step in making the dealer workshop fully integrated into the digital eco-system, enabling even more services in the future. Say goodbye to expensive or outdated maps, our Sensus Navigation includes lifetime map upgrades. There’s really no reason it should be more difficult than that,” added David Holecek.

The updated Sensus Connect will be available in all new Volvo models starting in May 2014. Drivers who already have Sensus Connect in their cars today will be offered an update for their system.

“Two of my favorite parts of the new Sensus Connect are Glympse, an app where you can share your position with others to see on their phones, perfect when carpooling or visiting a friend’s house for the first time and the fact that the entire car works as a Wi-Fi hotspot for all your connected devices, using an integrated roof-top antenna to ensure the best possible signal reception,” concluded David Holecek.