Fuji Electric Corp. of America has announced a new project featuring its EV 25-kilowatt DC quick charger at the Edison ParkFast’s Hippodrome location in Midtown Manhattan.

Fuji said the publicly available station provides a complete charge to electric vehicles in under an hour, making it ideal for the busy driver in the heart of the city’s bustling Times Square neighborhood.

This new charging station is the first quick charger in New York City on the ChargePoint network. Fuji added ChargePoint is the largest and most open EV charging network in the nation with over 17,000 charging ports.

“With our corporate headquarters in New Jersey, we are honored to see our DC Quick Charger installed in the heart of Midtown Manhattan and are pleased to partner with Edison ParkFast on this project,” said Phil Charatz, President and CEO of Fuji Electric Corp. of America. “Electric vehicle owners will benefit from the convenient location and the charger’s presence on the ChargePoint® Network, and we hope to see more DC Quick Chargers in New York City and the surrounding areas in the coming months.”

Green Power Technology, Fuji Electric’s distributor in the Northeast was responsible for the sale, installation and will take care of ongoing maintenance of the charger.

The Edison ParkFast installation is one of 13 total stations installed under the Nissan Advantage program, a program designed to spur adoption of electric vehicles by developing charging infrastructure in areas such as Maryland, Vermont, Massachusetts, and New York City.

On its website page dedicated to this charger, Fuji states its UL-Certified DC Quick Chargers for Electric Vehicles is now produced in the US and that this 4th generation charger features a slimmer design than previous versions, making it an ideal choice for a wide variety of commercial applications. The DC Quick Charger is built to the CHAdeMO specification and allows EV owners to charge their electric vehicles in under an hour.