Although the U.S. is waiting till early next year for the new 2018 Nissan Leaf, the automaker reports its sales are off to a good start in other markets.

Since its revelation close to a couple months ago, and sales launch in Japan and then Europe where 3,500 sales are reported, Nissan says 9,000 orders for the second-generation electric car have been counted so far.

First European sales began in Norway, beginning in early September, according to Automotive News Europe.

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“They have been our first customers and our most loyal customers and we wanted to give something back to the people who trusted us from Day One back in 2010 and 2011,” Dunsmore said, adding that more than 2,000 existing and new customers in Norway already have purchased the Leaf.

On Oct. 2, the automaker opened up the markets of Germany, Austria, France and Holland as well of what is being called the 2.ZERO which features semiautonomous ProPilot technology, and starts at 31,950 euros in Germany.

Less expensive versions will follow, Dunsmore said for the car that so far is beating expectations of its initial success.

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