A Chinese automaker has launched an EV SUV that it says offers a 311-mile range for a Tesla Model X-beating price.

NIO was founded three-years ago as NextEV, and this is its first production model. NIO is one of the handful of electric startups that have launched in China since that government introduced more EV incentives to help improve air quality and lower fossil fuel dependence in the country. The company announced the new electric crossover last weekend in Beijing, and it comes with some big claims for a low price.

The ES8 will start at $67,783 (448,000 yuan) when it goes on sale in China. That’s a little more than half the price of the Model X in that country (836,000 yuan). It’s also $20,555 (136,000 yuan) less than a conventional BMW X5 crossover.

For that price, NIO said that the ES8 would deliver seating for seven, a 311-mile range, and 0-60 miles per hour in 4.4 seconds. The ES8 is all-wheel drive with an air suspension and an aluminum body and chassis.

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The ES8 will offer in-car connected services. The AI system will allow remote temperature control and driver communication, but can also take photos for you. Not the first car selfie, but it’s high on the list.

The big innovation is a new swappable battery pack.

“Electrification of automobiles provides us an opportunity to change lanes to lead,” said William Li, a founder of NIO. “Our goal is to make charging more handy than refuelling.”

To do that, the company is planning to build more than 1,100 battery swapping stations by 2020. The company said that a swap can be done in a gas-like three minutes. The battery-swap stations can be built and ready to go within a day, according to Li.

In addition to the battery swap stations, the company plans to over more than 1,000 Power Mobile service vehicles that can bring a fresh battery to the user, and will also offer roadside assistance.