If you’re visiting Southern California and have an interest in electric vehicles, the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo may need to be added to your list of places to see.

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That’s because the museum is putting on an exhibit, which opened May 15 and runs through the end of July, called “The Electric Car: Fad or Future?” The exhibit displays well-known models like the Honda Fit EV and Tesla Model S (a Model S that has been turned into a convertible by an aftermarket company, no less), as well as obscure, older EVs such as the Taylor Dunn Trident, the Autoette, and the Electric King. The exhibit also reminds visitors, who were able to ride Zelectric Motors’ electric busses, that electricity powered most vehicles in the early 20th century, before gasoline took over.

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A visit should prove informative, as the Sierra Club is providing prospective EV buyers on rebates and incentives. That means potential EV buyers can get more out of a visit then just a look back at EVs of the past.

The exhibit is open Tuesday through Sundays, with adult tickets costing $10 and kids under the age of 10 granted free admission.