Tesla is still awaiting what is hoped to be a favorable ruling by the New Jersey State Senate to resume unfettered sales, but meanwhile it’s been OK’d for New Jersey’s first all-in-one sales, service, and Supercharging location in Paramus, N.J.

On Thursday, the Paramus Zoning Board of Adjustment gave the green light to the electric car maker to open a 27,000-square-foot service center and new Tesla store with Supercharging and other charging infrastructure.

The approval flies in the face of a March Motor Vehicle Commission ruling barring such facilities, and the law against it is still on the books, but on June 16 the state’s assembly voted 77-0 in favor of a bill now needing approval by the senate and governor.

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Since April Tesla Motors has had its two stores – Garden State Plaza and Short Hills – relegated to “gallery” status to show and educate but with strict rules against selling cars. It also has a Supercharger facility in Hamilton Township.

Tesla says it has 807 Tesla owners now within a 25-mile radius of the proposed North Jersey site on Route 17 where it intends to convert the former Sixth Avenue Electronics Store.

Design Manager for Tesla, Christy Ortins told NorthJersey.com that Paramus was chosen as Tesla’s nearby Garden State Plaza location proves there are a lot more customers waiting to be found in the region.

“There seems to be quite a market here where there are people who are forward-looking” she said of the relatively affluent area which serves in part as a bedroom community for New York.

The location along Route 17 is already “becoming a magnet for luxury car brands” as North Jersey household incomes include some that top the charts nationwide.

Tesla’s Route 17 facility aims to have three Superchargers, seven conventional chargers open seven days a week, and the sales and service facility are to be open all days except Sunday.