Dec. 1, 2006: The Express-Times—New Fuel Smells Like French Fries

Summary: "The city has started to run some of its trucks on diesel cut with new and used vegetable oil.

Aside from maybe unexplained pangs for fast food, the experiment has been a success, city Parks and Public Property Director Charlie Brown said.

‘It smells like french fries instead of diesel fuel,’ Brown explained Thursday.

The new blend comes direct from the city’s diesel supplier. Burning it requires paying closer attention to fuel filters and O-rings in the engine, both of which can fail faster compared to engines burning straight petroleum products, Brown said."

Making use of vegetable instead of mineral oil has its pros in cleaner air and better-smelling exhaust, in addition to being a renewable resource. If they would just add hybrid technology, like regenerative braking and automatic turnoff at a stop, they would really rake in the savings.

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