Fisker Inc. released design specifications and three teaser photos yesterday on its all-electric EMotion.

Lightening the car up and using a patented crash design means it can safely achieve 400-miles of range on a charge and a top speed of 161 mph, the company said of the “clean sheet design from the inside out.”

The structure is made with carbon fiber and aluminum, and it facilitated redefining the vehicle’s shape and design to merge targets set for performance, safety, comfort, and convenience. A slight boost to range comes even from ultra-light carbon fiber and aluminum wheels, developed with performance racing wheel maker Dymag, reduce rotational mass by 40 percent.

The company earned a patent on the Emotion’s frontal crash structure that exceeds current minimum standards for occupant protection. The starting price has been set at $129,900 and comes with an “ultra large battery pack.”

The EMotion can accommodate an advanced high-energy density, patent-pending battery pack and cooling system. Charging can be done through the company’s proprietary UltraCharger, capable of charging over 100 miles range in nine minutes.

Company founder Henrik Fisker and the design team were inspired by the world of racing to add distinct design elements. The company says the car includes frontal, side, and rear carbon aero elements. It also gets a low hood line “surrounded by sculptural front fenders and a tapered green house with large sculptural rear fenders.”

Fisker Inc. is also preparing for autonomous driving. The car’s front end houses a Lidar system behind a tinted screen. Side mirrors hide two cameras that allow for panoramic, 360-degree views for the driver.

Pre-orders will be starting on June 30, with more announcements being made in days prior.

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The company is taking a different route than the former Fisker Automotive’s network of existing auto dealers around the country. Fisker is taking a sales and delivery approach similar to Tesla’s. Customers can place orders through the website and “forthcoming experience centers.”

Owners will be able to have “free of interruption” days of routine maintenance and service through The Hybrid Shop partner’s network of locations.