General Motors’ Cadillac ELR may not be as perceptibly “disruptive” as the Tesla Model S, but its last commercial sure ruffled some tail feathers while the latest is decidedly more benign.

Posted by the automaker last Thursday, the new ad explains the Cadillac with slightly modified Chevy Volt powertrain with serene visuals and a simple message that could nearly just as well have been about the Volt.

General Motor’s Executive Chief Engineer for Electric Vehicles Pamela Fletcher does the explaining, and the difference for the $76,000 Caddy is it’s a foray into the upscale market.

One of the Volt’s key benefits – no range anxiety – is portrayed as a luxury for the Cadillac buyer who also wants to treat him or herself to the well appointed materials, styling, and improved ride.

“Luxury is all about having options, without making compromises,” says Fletcher.

Is it a “compromise” to have an all-electric car like the similarly priced 60-kwh Tesla Model S instead?

Arguably, sure. Others would say not so much.

Will this be an effective advertisement for the ELR?

So far it has just shy of 2,600 views. The controversial “Poolside” ad launched Feb. 7 has over 1.06 million views – but then its ratio of thumbs down to thumbs up indicates a far-more mixed approval rating despite the number of eyeballs it attracted.

This latest just stays on message and avoids the tactic of upsetting people in an attempt to go viral.