Target shoppers will soon find more electric-car charging stations at store locations across the United States. The retailer has announced plans for 600 chargers in 20 states by 2020.

In total, the 600 charging stalls will bring the retailer’s running total to 100 charging sites. The stations will come from Target’s current partners, ChargePoint and Tesla for Superchargers, though the retailer has also now partnered with Electrify America as well.

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Electrify America also works with Walmart, and with Volkswagen support, the companies announced plans for 100 new fast-charging stations by June 2019. Electrify America itself is VW’s initiative to continuously add charging points across the United States.

Target did not disclose which states would benefit from the new charging stations, but the retailer first began investing in charging stations in 2012. In the first wave of investments and partnerships, Target installed 18 charging points in five different states.

Charging infrastructure remains a serious barrier to EV adoption in North America. Many areas lack reliable and nearby stations. And for consumers who opt to lease an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid, investing in an at-home station is often not an option.