For the month of August Nissan’s Leaf was back in the saddle, smashing through to an all-time U.S. record of 2,420 units sold as the company contemplates its new number one market – Atlanta – in the process.

August’s sales are up 253.4 percent compared to the same month last year and they came as especially positive news to the automaker given that in July the Leaf fell from a successive three-month streak of second-best finishes selling just 1,864 units.

In recent months the Leaf has done consistently well compared to 2012. Other numbers of note are 2,225 Leafs sold in June; 2,138 in May; 1,937 in April; and the previous all-time record had been in March with 2,236 sold.

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Topping the March record in August with 184 additional units was attributed in no small part to Atlanta, said Erik Gottfried, Nissan director for electric vehicle sales and marketing.

“Some of our new wave markets like Atlanta have come on so strong that it makes more sense to count Nissan Leaf days’ supply by the hour—Atlanta has about a 120-hour supply right now,” said Gottfried.”The Leaf turn-rate is amazing. We look forward to ramping up production later this fall as we see Leaf demand continue to increase.”

Until now, said Fred Diaz, Divisional Vice President, Nissan Sales & Marketing, Service & Parts, the West Coast had been a stronghold for plug-in car sales.

“Nissan Leaf continues to diversify the consumer base for electric vehicles, setting yet another all-time sales record in August,” said Diaz. “Atlanta became the No. 1 market for Leaf, marking the first time an area outside the West Coast has landed that title. “

Why is this in the view of the EV seller? People are catching on to the value in going electric and deciding for themselves to go EV.

“Consumers continue to become more educated about how practical electric vehicles can be for their daily commuting needs—from access to HOV lanes to passing by the gas pumps on their way home to charge,” said Diaz.