Porsche said it would only build 918 of the 918 Spyder that began production 9/18/13, so if you learned it was nearly sold out, would that surprise you?

Well, no surprise then. Not unlike the McLaren P1 which sold out almost immediately with an even smaller production run, Porsche says it hasn’t had any hard time finding takers for the super PHEV starting at $847,795.

At least, orders have been placed, as only around 30 units have reportedly been delivered worldwide.

Porsche however says the orders are in for nearly all of them for cars to be produced and delivered through late March or early April, and production is due to stop in July next year.

While some folks slap their forehead over the prospect of spending so much for an ostensibly green car which really does next to nothing to end fuel consumption or curb world emissions, that’s not the point.

The formula to these cars including the Ferrari LaFerrari and other exclusive vehicles is just that – exclusivity and perceived specialness mean these vehicles may also be purchased by collectors as a long term investment that’s a tad more scintillating than a mutual fund.

Or so, some would hope, and not without evidence, given 7-figure auction prices for some better examples of exclusive rare cars of yesteryear. Of course there is no guaranty that will all work out, and beyond that potential concession to a practical consideration is the cars are an extraordinary experience.

Rather than say any more about that, we’ve linked a video by Chris Harris who is able to play up the drama and drive them sideways all at the same time on camera as few people do.

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