The Namir Concept, a striking new hybrid supercar developed jointly by Italdesign Giugiaro and the iconic British automotive engineering firm, Fraser-Nash Research, was unveiled this week at the Geneva Motor Show. This wildly-styled exotic definitively eclipses all others in the green performance car realm – most notably the Tesla Roadster and Fisker Karma – in terms of both power and efficiency. Its name, fittingly, means ‘tiger’ in Arabic.

The Namir’s structure is comprised mostly of lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber. It’s chassis weighs less than 250 pounds.

The car’s hybrid system utilizes a gas-powered endothermic rotary engine to charge a 400 volt lithium polymer battery pack. The battery then feeds power to four electric motors, two at the front axle, two at the rear, much like the Chevrolet Volt’s set-up. Total output for all four motors is 362 horsepower. This Ferrari-like power unequivocally makes the Namir the fastest hybrid in the world. With a top speed of 187 miles per hour, it can also get from zero to 60 in the mid-three second range.

The biggest kicker is Frazer-Nash claims the Namir can achieve up to 110 miles per gallon and has a 1200-mile vehicle range in normal non-performance-type driving. These numbers have not been confirmed in independent testing, but even if they are remotely accurate, a production-version of the Namir could become, pound-for-pound, the most efficient daily driver in the world. Many, however, at this point, are still referring to it as an example of world-class vaporware.