Tired of being bashed as a “dinosaur” business model and various other unsavory descriptors, the National Auto Dealers Association is fighting back against Tesla on behalf of franchised car dealers.

Actually, the NADA does not call out Tesla by name in a two-and-a-half-minute video and its Web page called “Get the Facts,” but who else has focused the public’s ire against it?

Everything in the video is a rebuttal against allegations fostered by Tesla and its supporters in favor of its factory direct business model to “cut out the middleman.”

The NADA site justifies the franchised auto dealer business model with – as the name implies – facts that it says support its existence as good for consumers and the economy.

Many of the points are in line with points raised by auto dealer franchise proponents a comprehensive series we began on the subject.

The court of public opinion has largely sided with Tesla which has fanned the flames of public distrust and a bad guy image some are ready to pin on car dealers.

For more info, please consult the NADA’s Web site.