Are you waiting for the Model 3 so you can have a Tesla for maybe half the price of a Model S?

Today Elon Musk, CEO, utilized that free medium of such potent effect – Twitter – to reveal it will be about two more years.

This actually aligns with previous a statement Musk made in May to the same effect.

“We are looking to start production of the Model 3 in second half of 2017,” Musk said with less than full certainty. “We are hoping to show the Model 3 in March (or around then) of next year.”

Via Twitter.

Via Twitter.

Now with more certainty, he tweeted the Gigafactory needs to be “fully operational,” so that implies roughly how long that will take as well.

Model 3 has not been revealed yet. It’s been hinted at as the volume car, the peoples’ car, and is to start at $35,000 and rise up, no doubt. Range is to be 200-miles-plus.

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So, with inexpensive batteries helping costs, the idea is to get nearly what a Model S provides in range, and maybe style to some degree too, for significantly less outlay.

This news comes as Tesla also is intent on launching Model X by Sept 29.