It’s well known that when an automaker starts to conceptualize a new model, designers gestate over various ideas, and one of these was published by Elon Musk for the Model E.

Posted to the company head’s Twitter account, the feed has understandably been focused on Model E updates lately, as pre-orders skyrocket toward 300,000.

An updated count over April 2’s 253,000 pre-orders was made on Sunday tallying 276,000 and counting, and also posted was a sleeker design sketch of the Model E.

Actually the three Model E cars shown on Thursday’s reveal event are themselves prototypes which will “evolve” and “Part 2 is super next level,” Musk has said also via Twitter.

Un-cropped, as posted..

Un-cropped, as posted. Click to enlarge.

As it is, the sketches are characteristically super sleek artistic concepts, and their low-slung stance and sloping roof make them look even more like coupes than the sedans they are meant to be.

Present inside is the large touchscreen, now a signature element in Teslas. And on doors are also now-signature flush door handles adorning a car with flowing, racy lines.

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Not as apparent in the profile is a blunted nose reminiscent of the Model X that has struck some observers as less than graceful, though it may be hinted at and just not as clear.

There was no indicator given that these design sketches are to be made into production cars, so they are at this juncture simply for your viewing entertainment.

Source: Twitter.