Elon Musk appears to be using one of his tested methods to deflect criticism and stir interest in the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

A blog post by the Tesla chief executive on his Twitter page read:

“Working on Top Secret Tesla Masterplan, Part 2. Hoping to publish later this week.”

Tesla faces more public pressure from its Autopilot fatality under federal investigation, along with shareholder criticism following Tesla’s bid of up to $2.5 billion last month for the financially troubled SolarCity. Musk has become quite skilled at sending out teasers prior to product launches and posting comments to stir support and debate.

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The reference to “Masterplan, Part 2” seems to go back to Musk’s 2006 post on the company plan outlining the launchings of the Tesla Roadster, Model S, and Model 3. Musk wrote in 2006:

“Build sports car

Use that money to build an affordable car

Use that money to build an even more affordable car

While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

Don’t tell anyone.”

Musk made a humorous reference to the Masterplan during the March 31, 2016, unveiling of the Model 3 at its Hawthorne Design Studio in Los Angeles. He’s also tweeted that there will be a second part to the Model 3 announcement.

It’s not clear whether the Part 2 announcement of the Masterplan will include details on the Model 3 launch. Musk may ignore the Autopilot controversy and other topics gaining pressure from shareholders to stir up more interest and enthusiasm in the Model 3.