Tesla is expected to reveal tidbits of info leading to its March 31 Model 3 reveal, but first, it wants you to know reservations for $1,000 will be accepted then.

This news was disclosed via Twitter today by company chief Elon Musk who added there will be no Signature edition but Tesla stores will be able to accept the reservations on the appointed date.

Source: Twitter.

Source: Twitter.

The dollar amount is one-fifth the $5,000 deposit required for a Model S or X or and one-fortieth the $40,000 a Model S or X Signature reservation required.

Signatures are a top-shelf edition, and the Model 3 positioned for lower income folks and to start at $35,000 before subsidies is avoiding the Signature route.

The tweets from Tesla are noteworthy in that they follow Model 3 news dropped in with yesterday’s fourth quarter earnings report and suggest we’re now in the Model 3 era in earnest, so those interested may want to keep their ear to the ground.