Many folks have ventured guesses into the $60,000 range for the price of Tesla’s most option-packed Model 3, but CEO Elon Musk said the average would be around $42,000.

This revelation came last Friday, the day after the reveal event in the form of a simple declarative tweet.


Musk had also said at the reveal that even a base $35,000 Model 3 will be very decently equipped, i.e., a good value.

Speculators have more-often suggested Tesla will find ways to entice customers to spend significantly up.

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One article cynically offered Tesla announced a $35,000 car, but showed a concept that should sticker for more like $50,000.

Others have openly wondered how Tesla can make a profit on a car not far behind a Model S but priced less than half as much.


Tesla says it is aware and working on all these issues. As for the actual Model 3, Musk said the car will evolve somewhat, and also true is relatively nicely equipped versions above what the base will likely look like were shown and driven last Thursday. These cars had upgrades including larger than base batteries, all-wheel-drive, and other premium options.

But a $42,000 price with a few options is just $7,000 above the base, and Musk offered that this might be the average lending credence to the assertion that even a non-optioned car will be nice.

His statement might also imply that loaded examples will rise above $50,000, as others have projected, but otherwise nothing definitive has been announced on pricing and trim levels.

A “Part 2” Model 3 reveal is expected closer to launch with far more details, Musk has said.

He has pinned a time frame of the end of next year for first Model 3 deliveries.